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Owner And Head Trainer Ashley's K9 Solutions

Meet Ashley Netten

I have a very important story to share with you. I have been there. I was you at one point. I completely understand your pain, fear, and heartache. And no matter how bad it is, there is hope!I've walked in your shoes, dealing with the tough moments that come with training a dog. Believe me when I say, I get your worries and frustrations.I started out using the usual "treat-only" and "don't say no" methods. They worked great at first, but when I found myself trying to handle four really tough dogs, I realized I needed something more.It got to a point where I thought about rehoming two of the dogs and, heartbreakingly, even considered putting one down. But then I started asking different questions and found a clearer, fairer way to help dogs get over their issues. I also learned how to guide you awesome humans to better understand your dogs.

Those four challenging dogs? They're now happy and healthy, living their best lives in their forever home. So, my mission now is simple - to help you and your dog live better lives together.

I was on the verge of putting one dog down and rehoming two others when I began asking the right questions and found a more clear yet still fair way to help dogs overcome their issues and guide their humans to better understand their dogs.

Those four dogs are still alive and living in their forever home, happy, healthy, and living the best life possible.

Now it is my mission to save lives, yours as well as your dog’s.

Why Me?

We offer convenient training options, either coming to your home or meeting at a local park or store. This real-world training approach helps conquer your dog's natural triggers more effectively.

Our sessions are private, ensuring your dog gets the full attention it needs. Unlike class environments where most attention is given to a small number of students, our focus is entirely on you and your dog. No need to worry about distractions from other dogs.

Our expertise lies in understanding a dog's psychology, body language, and state of mind. These sessions are less about traditional obedience skills and more about counseling for you and your dog. Our goal is to help you understand your dog, and dogs in general, better. With the hands-on knowledge gained, many of our students even go on to help others struggling with their dogs!

I provide calming techniques that are designed to soothe both you and your dog. Anxiety can create a rift in your relationship with your dog, leading to issues like tension, reactivity, and even aggression. But by consistently applying these calming techniques, you can improve your dog's behavior and enhance your bond with them.

I use safe and effective methods involving food, toys, and tools. These techniques guide your dog through their problematic behaviors, helping them develop crucial coping skills that many dogs today lack. A dog with robust coping skills can handle life's challenges, and when you understand how to respond, it forms a perfect team.

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